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Hello everyone and happy new month again! The year 2020 has been a full year with intense emotions, however, I hope you’re breathing. Sometimes it’s ok to just breathe even when we can’t figure out so many things. Let’s take one step at a time. This shaking is for our good! Today, I’m finally writing this post I’ve always wanted to write here. It’s been a very long time coming. I will regularly update this post. I want to use it as a resource base to share materials especially books on spiritual growth. I was awakened to reading books in relation to my faith in 2018 and words cannot begin to describe how much my life has improved so tremendously. As you already know, I’ll always share very helpful content. Feel free to bookmark this page and visit often. There would be different sections for resources. Each heading represents the five stages of spiritual growth. The question you’re currently asking yourself tells what stage you’re on. Why should I accept God? I just accepted Christ, What Next? Holy Spirit my senior partner – Yonggi cho-1 Going Deeper with the Holy Spirit – Benny Hinn The Believer’s Authority by Kenneth E Hagin Praying to get results by Kenneth E Hagin How do I grow my relationship with Christ? secrets of the secret place_ keys to ign – bob sorge  Benny Hinn – Your Will, Lord Not Mine.pdf Exceeding growing faith by Kenneth E Hagin I am enjoying my relationship with God, how can I contribute to His Kingdom? How can I get equipped to disciple others? The Final Quest by Rick Joyner PS: I’ll keep updating  the books to download. Something Inspiring I shared my heart in this vlog. Watch and share with anyone who needs to heal following the loss of a loved one.💛 Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog via mail below. Love. Learn. Inspire.

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