Hello Fam! It feels so good to be here again on Perrys Tots.

Few days ago, my friends and I met on the Zoom App to pray. As you know, online activities, be it spiritual or otherwise, is the new normal these days in the face of the prevailing situation across the world. This online spiritual activity has helped in accelerating my spiritual growth in no small way. Not only has it helped me, it has also helped my friends because we are seeing and experiencing our lives take on a new and glorious ascent in God where our thoughts, minds and hearts are being shaped for the kingdom agenda.

As we prayed on this day, the person leading the prayer mentioned “Love and Obedience” as the subject of contemplation. This struck a chord in me instantly and the inspiration to write on the subject was birthed. Let me ask you: Do you think theres a correlation between love and obedience as it relates to God and our walk with Him? If I were to provide an answer to this question, I would say a big YES! This is because the degree to which you love God is directly proportional to the degree to which you will obey His words and instructions. Besides, your obedience is predicated on the extent to which you love the Father and how you strive to do what pleases Him.

Jesus Christ expressly admonished us in John 14:15 that,“If you love Me, keep My commandments.” What Jesus meant was that if we loved Him, we should show it by doing what He has told us to do. How do you lead your life? Do you tremble and reverence God’s words and instructions to you? Do you obey the counsel God hasgiven to you, directly or through His servants?

“Heaven’s my throne, earth is my footstool. What sort of house could you build for me? What holiday spot reserve for me? I made all this!” GOD’S Decree. “But there is something I’m looking for: a person simple and plain, reverently responsive to what I say.”(Isaiah 66:1–2, MSG)

A striking example here is the account in Genesis 22:1–9,where God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. You would recall that Isaac was the son of promise Abraham had waited on God for. Loads of lessons from this account are jumping at me as I write but I’ll stick with three, highlighting them as questions so as not to bore you.

1. What are you willing to give up for God? This is deep and will shake the table of your faith! Abraham was willing (although it was tough) to go to any length to give to God whatever He demanded of him, including his son! This reminds me of king David’s insistence not to give to God anything that would cost him nothing (1 Chronicles 21:24). What if God asks you give up that thing which you treasure and hold so dear? It’s always best to make up one’s mind or keep an open mind that we would release whatever God might ask of us (when He asks). The truth is, God can have access to those things because all that we are and all that we have comes from Him. But He would rather request them from us to gauge what’s in our hearts. Remember, we are mere stewards of His grace.
2. Do you give utmost urgency to God’s requests or instructions? We saw Abraham rising up early in the morning to execute the instruction God had given him. He did it “as e dey hot for body,––an expression describing the urgency with which a task is to be carried out. This particular point brings to mind Jesus’ parable of the two sons in Matthew21:2832. This parable is instructive because our inability to obey or our delay in obeying God leaves us at the peril of missing out on what was originally ours, giving room for outsiders to take to take what belongs to us (Kingdom of God).
3. Do you desire God’s blessings? If you do, just obey Him and do what He says to you. If you’re willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land.

“This is what the Lord says: Because you have obeyed me and have not withheld even your son, your only son, I swear by my own name that I will certainly bless you. I will multiply your descendants beyond number, like the stars in the sky and the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will conquer the cities of their enemies. And through your descendants all the nations of the earth will be blessed––all because you have obeyed me.” (Genesis 22:16–18, NLT)


Abraham reaped the benefits of obedience of which we are still partakers till this day. Mary told the attendants at the wedding in Cana of Galilee that,whatever He says to you, DO it. Herein lies the secret to our breakthrough and our blessings––to do all that He instructs and commands us as we learn to wait on Him and hear Him speak to us.

It’s my utmost desire and prayer that, as God speaks to us and His Spirit reveals His will, we will fully obey Him and do so promptly. By so doing, we boldly declare our love for Him and trusting Him even when we do not understand (yet) what He is doing.

Ibukun Awodehinde.


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