The Purple Course

Hello, how are you doing? Hope you’re taking time to rest. Happy new month in advance!! I’m grateful to God you are here, through it all, God remains good.🤗

I have been working on this course and I’m glad I can share it with you finally. I’m so excited about the radical personal transformation that will occur in your life as you partake of this experience. 


The Purple Course is a radical personal transformation course to rediscover you.


If these questions reflect where you are right now, you should signup for this course. The world has changed and you have to first Be, so you can stand out.

Why am I here?

What’s the point of living if we all still die?

The desire to thrive instead of surviving.

You want to be more in life.

You have great ideas but you seem stuck in a cycle.

You just want peace in your life and you want to be truly happy.

You want your life to count.

You want to stop the unending pressure and desire to live from a new level of being.


The need to live with purpose and intentionality.


September 7 – October 12, 2020

We would spend 6 weeks together and you’ll be transformed; I have no doubt about that.


Learning would be online and you’d create your profile, you’d have access to materials free, webinar, books, videos, purposeful community, and more.

Make that conscious decision to invest in your future today. Investment fee is #10,000 or $26

Registration link:

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Happy Holiday.

Please kindly help share with your friends and family.

Thank you so much.🙏🏽

Love & Unending Joy,



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