Day 1: Tolulope Ajaka

I welcome you to the eighth edition of 31Days31Voices, as it’s custom we all get to share our stories around the fire of time. The entries I have received so far are really inspiring and I look forward to an inspirational edition with a heart full of thanks. Take my hand as we ride…🥳

Thank you Dr Adepero for this great privilege to feature in this year edition of 31 days 31 voices. You are one of God’s greatest gift to me this year… I have been following the blog for a while now, and it’s been a source of strength and inspiration always. Well done.

My 2020 will not make much meaning without a mention of the previous years.
Year 2018/2019 wheezed by so quickly for me as I couldn’t wait to get it over with due to the constancy of difficult events happening to me all seemingly at the same time. It started with me being responsible for the care of both parents who became seriously ill with terminal diseases as at Jan 2018, I had extra year in school and was trying to sort that out coupled with a 9 to 5 job, I lost mum to the cold hands of death in June 2018, and couldn’t mourn her in order to protect my dad who wasn’t aware. Buried her in October, and on our way from the burial ceremony  we had a fatal accident that claimed the live of 1. This graduated into series of serious police and court case and lots of money being spent for the burial of the dead guy, to the hospital bills of the other guys, to the court case and all. I remember my Area pastor calling me while I was in detention to inform me I was made the Area youth president. Funny right. I was devastated and wondering what God was molding with a life such as mine.

By the time the storm looked like it was over, on the 16th of November, I felt relieved and  said what is the worst that could happen.😊
I traveled back home on Saturday 17th November, all the way from Ekiti where the court case took place. I remember I got home a little after 11am and by 11:30am, I lost my dad to the cold hands of death, 6 months after loosing mum. I remember saying couldn’t dad have allowed me to at least have a good night sleep after all the sleepless night of the past weeks. Lol. I was so scared and too tired to mourn him as I had a premonition of things getting worse afterwards.

On Tuesday, 20th of November I was sent packing out of the house (polygamous home issues).
The devil was really at war with me. I had to find a way of relocating my business that was already booming and all. It was tough. It was during all of this that I wrote my extra year paper in school and failed……again!

I entered into 2019 tired, lost, confused, depressed, dejected and very sad. I was preparNig for burial and another extra year in school . The area I relocated to was a suicide ground for my business and so I had absolutely no means of income. It got to a time I was practically doing time and was just bent on surviving. Everything I had saved before had gone into all the troubles I had face earlier and the burial plan for dad and mum. For the first time in my life I was completely broke with no ray of light as to how to savage the situation. I lost hope in God and  myself.

I almost don’t remember much of 2019. Humanly speaking, I wasn’t sure how God was going to help. I just felt my situation was beyond redemption so I didn’t really bother asking much of God. It was a total silent year and so I was at the end of myself, there was no where to turn or run to. I was still active in church and all, I was committed to my duties religiously and it was more of showing up and keeping face for me but I was always crying myself to sleep depressed, I was only existing and had stopped living. It was so much struggling and futile strategies. On my birthday in December 2019, I remembered I had been juggling in-between hospital for about 3 weeks prior to that day as my niece was on admission, it was stressful, financially burdening, physically draining and emotionally too much to bear.
I was on my way to the hospital this fateful and all of a sudden I started shedding tears in the bus, uncontrollable tears.

I was so tired, I was broke to the last kobo and I felt lost totally. I hate to always be the bearer of bad news and so I was helpless, I couldn’t reach out to friends or families. I knew deep down they couldn’t help me and so I had to turn back home and started calling on God to save me. I became desperate to be saved or be left to die. There was no other option available to me. I had calculated in my head so much that all I kept meeting was brick wall. I didn’t see any ray of hope any more and I totally forgot how much God has been there in my lifelong journey. Suddenly in my spirit I heard a prompting reminding me of how ungrateful and forgetful I had been, how much I had forgotten all God has done and been to me, I turned back home and started praising God, my faith and hope in God was instantly renewed and I knew immediately that 2020 was going to be my year of recovery, Ease and Rest as ministered by the Holy Spirit. Scripture says its not by work that no man should boast.

I finally passed my extra year course in school December 2019 and narrowly escaped being exempted from youth Service. How much I had looked forward to serving my Fathers land. That was the beginning of my turnaround.

Year 2020 started with so much vigor, strength, expectations, excitement and hope. I had a confidence in God that I couldn’t explain, about how the year was going to be good. I heard the Holy Spirit saying of it being a year like the one where Noah waited in the Ark for the water to subside after the flood stopped.  And so I was pumped. Plans started rolling in and goals was set and all.

March 2020, 2 weeks to my resumption to Nysc orientation camp, lock down started, so the spirit of fear entered into the world and discouragement almost set in but still I had a renewed hope in God as he was the one sailing the boat of my life now. I had only one option by now and that is GOD. The peace I had surpassed my understanding as there was no cause for worry or fear. Whatever door God has opened no man can shut, of this I was sure.

That same March 2020, I saw a call to join a group of people to pray and that was the beginning of all God has set to happen for me in the year. It is an experience of a lifetime. I met friends that has turned to family and together we experienced God in several dimensions in our daily prayer, weekly Bible study and book reviews. I had an exciting walk with God that I hadn’t experienced before.

 My prayer life received wings and it has become intentional and no longer left to chances. I had access to quality contents in form of books and videos and the kind of growth I saw in the more than 6 months the group lasted, I haven’t seen it in the whole time I have been a Christian. The Holy Spirit became so real as I started hearing God clearly and loudly. I even started experiencing the prophetic dimension of God.
Also I know what to do and when to do it regarding the instructions of the Holy Spirit.

God opened doors of provision every time. I didn’t lack anything good as my needs were supplied according to the riches of his Glory in Christ Jesus and that as at when due. I got to realize that my business /parents weren’t my source of provision but God. Goals I couldn’t achieve while I was working became a piece of cake. God kept turning situations around for my good and making lines to fall in pleasant places for me.

I am grateful for great friends and
my alliances grew in quality and quantity as I made friends with premium people who are on the same page and journey with me. Friends that want to see me grow in God and will go extra length to make that growth happen. I learnt about DDK through this destiny friendship and some other kingdom minded personality who has impacted my life a great deal in 2020. Most definitely, I see God cutting short the years for me in righteousness.

I took courses on personal development and had an orientation shift. I discovered purpose anew. It was like a new book was opened for me and I found the courage to continue on the journey to fulfilling purpose with the Holy Spirit as my Inner guide. He is always willing to lead if we give him the rein.

Also I took courses on Spiritual growth and development, a decision I am eternally grateful to God for that I took. All the questions about God I didn’t even know I had has received clear answers
I have seen God orchestrating all that concerns me in 2020. I have always wanted more of God, I had been tired of Just being a normal Christian, and I experienced that more even though the more I know the more I want to know. There’s been this hunger for more of God and am on total surrender to God on this journey. Wherever he leads I will go.

Family wise, God was really good to me. It’s been testimonies upon testimonies. God kept compensating us on all grounds by opening doors here and there. God blessed me with the most amazing siblings I could ask for and I found in them the greatest support system.

Health wise, I witnessed some mouth opening, jaw dropping miracles both personally and otherwise in 2020. There was no cause for worries as God perfected all that concerns me.

God helped me attain some feat this year spiritually that I hadn’t experienced in my lifetime. I have pages full of several encounters with God. Through the Highs and especially the Lows of 2020 as we all know this year has a lot of lows. God was so attentive despite it all

I can boldly say that 2020 was a ‘Godfull’ year for me, as there wasn’t a moment where I was left alone to my own device to the Glory of God. It seems anywhere I turned or look and at every bus stop, God has something prepared for me in succession. This year I experienced him as the “Great Orchestra” because God orchestrated my life excellently.
It was indeed my year of peace all round, Clarity and Spiritual Awakening.

On Expectations for 2021, I look forward to the continuation of what God has planned and started to mould with my life as I am the clay and he is the porter and am just going to sit back and watch it unfold. I will do that anchoring on the Scripture that says:

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ”. Philippians 1:6 KJV. 

I no longer have the fear of what tomorrow brings all because I know the owner of tomorrow a  lot better than I used to and so I am riding with God come what may, trusting that his plans for me are of Good and not of evil to give me an expected end.

Season Greetings from Perry’s Tots. 🎄

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  1. Thank you for sharing. Your story is an inspiration to me. The best of your years are yet unfolding and by next year, I expect a divine manifestation in your life that’ll make you feel like you’re dreaming. What hasn’t entered into the heart of men yet, God will do.

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