Day 7: Sunshine

Disclaimer: To fully grasp the context and emotions portrayed in this epistle, I’ll be putting links to songs that conveyed how emotions were at that phase of the story.


Well, since COVID-19 started from 2019, it’s only fair to start this story from 2019.

Before I officially start, I want to thank God Almighty for my husband. You realise how lucky you are when you are at your lowest mentally.


Simi ft Adekunle Gold – By You 

The year 2019 started with many mixed emotions. I literally went from one disappointment to another in different aspects of my life (academic, spiritual, career, personal, well-being). Over the years, I had learned how to cope with disappointments, but somehow I had gotten far from God that I forgot that some disappointments are actually blessings in disguise.


Laura Story – Blessings

I thank God for my husband that helped me remember that a closed door doesn’t translate to impossibility. My mum always told me a prayerful wife is the foundation and pillars of her home. Let me add that a prayerful husband reinforces the home. He safeguards the home. He is the roof that protects the foundation and pillars of the home from external damage.


Casting Crowns – Oh My Soul

So when I got pregnant at end of 2019, I was so worried about everything that had been going wrong in the year. I wanted to be “settled ” before I thought of pregnancy. I had all these academic plans, job plans, and other plans that we had concocted. Then, I had to worry about my health, genes and every other thing that feels so irrelevant now.


Casting Crowns – Just Be Held

I started 2020 with a heavy heart because for the first time in my life, I was truly worried that my life choices, genes, and perhaps a weak spiritual life was going to affect another human being. January was the beginning of all my worries with all the medial brouhaha. I literally started the year with a gestational diabetes (GDM) diagnosis in less than 10 weeks of pregnancy. This was shocking to me because I have no family history of diabetes of any kind, neither was I diabetic or pre-diabetic. From then, the goal at every doctor’s visit was to reach the next trimester. The irony in this was that I didn’t have morning sickness, didn’t fall sick, didn’t even add weight or look pregnant. Instead, I was losing weight up until 30 weeks. Every appointment, the doctor kept asking me if I was starving myself (lol).

Then I had all these tests that kept me worried. Did I mention I was seeing a regular obstetrician, a maternal-fetal medicine obstetrician (mfm ob) and a dietician? So almost every week, I either had a scare from my regular ob, mfm ob or dietician. Let’s not forget COVID19 and the US was hit bad. I kept on praying that hubby doesn’t get infected at work as a healthcare worker. The struggle was real. So when I had a prospective school interview, I just wanted to cancel it. Then my husband asked me if I thought anything was impossible for God to do. He believed I was strong enough to handle anything because God has never failed me or us.

So, YES!!!

I still went on with my academic plans.


MercyMe – Even If

Hillsong United – Even When It Hurts

When I got to 3rd trimester, I started to get good news everywhere. I got the admission I was seeking. I got good medical feedbacks; baby was growing well and normal ( no intrauterine growth restrictions, no genetic issues). Amazingly, my regular ob had me retested for GDM and it was gone, which he remarked rarely occurs especially in women with early diagnosis. I still continued seeing my mfmob and dietician till delivery though.


Prospa Ochimana ft Osinachi – Ekwueme

Still the devil had more tests in store. My husband had a new job and we had to move. We already set up our new house and in less than 2 weeks, we heard noises and saw a bat in the house around past midnight. It was a “japa” situation. We were “homeless ” for almost a month (we stayed at a friend’s place) and had to recalculate new money for new accommodation and moving. All these happened just before the baby came and after delivery. I had our baby mid-August with no complications and I was grateful for all the experiences because how else can I tell the world of God’s blessings, love, grace and wonders in our lives. Then we had to get a new place and move all over again (with a newborn). Then I had to start school.

Overwhelming right?

Looking back, all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU ALMIGHTY GOD.

Because we couldn’t have survived all these without you.


Mercy Chinwo ft JJ Hairston- Excess Love


Paul McClure – Way Maker

Sinach – There’s An Overflow

If anyone tells you, it is impossible, ask them if they’ve met your God. Even when you don’t feel it, God is working. Even when you can’t see it, God is working. God never stops working


Newsboys – God’s Not Dead

I also want to thank Adepero for her intercessory prayers. She also gave me a book “Favor Factor” (by Deborah Deji-Kurunmi) which was super helpful in morning devotions and prayers.

The year 2020 has taught me a lot about myself, my husband, family, friends and God. I didn’t tell anyone about my pregnancy till middle of 2nd trimester and only a few friends till beginning of 3rd trimester. Yet, family and friends looked beyond this and rejoiced with us because a child is a blessing from God regardless of the struggles before, in and after pregnancy. Post-pregnancy, we are juggling between life as new parents, new jobs/school and a new environment. It has not been easy but we know God is on this journey with us.

We look forward to 2021 amidst all these COVID19 and other struggles because we know that no matter what happens, God be for us.

Stay safe.

Stay prayerful.

Stay hopeful.


Casting Crowns – Until The Whole World Hears


Compliment of the season from Perry’s Tots.

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