Day 26: Ope Alabi


There are so many lessons to take away from 2020 but the one I want to zoom in on is the potency in dreams and interpretations. I chose this particular lesson because it was simply put, the highlight of my entire 2020 experience.

1. Dreams convey messages. I dream a lot. Almost every time I sleep but apparently, there are deeper meanings to these dreams than i knew about. My journey into understanding these dreams first started in August when I developed a lot of self-doubt. I had just lost my job and was trying frantically to stay afloat and get my head in the game of life. But internally I was really losing it. I found myself questioning my identity and loathing myself. And it was this time in August that I remembered a dream I had had exactly a year ago in 2019. I had written it down so I quickly went for it. I found it interesting that God will bring this dream to my heart exactly a year ago when I had it. The dream was a weird and mildly scary one and when i woke up from it, i thought I needed deliverance or something…lol… but after pondering on it, talking to God, speaking with mentors and a friend about it, I realized what the dream meant. God was trying to tell me that I had let the opinions of others define who I was and I needed to separate myself, through the Word of God, from the identity or perception others had formed for me so that I can live my best life.

I remember having another dream where everyone was preparing for a test they didn’t know about. People were reading and studying hard, everywhere and every time. I was among them too in the study room, but I wasn’t reading. Rather I was thinking about how much I had to read and talking about it. I remember asking someone in the dream what course they were having and she told me she didn’t know or she wasn’t sure and she continued reading and I was like – “who prepares for an exam on a course you don’t know?”. When I woke from that dream and pondered on it for a while, I realized instantly what it meant. I often obsess in my head about a lot of things I should be doing rather than doing them. In fact, I may say “oh i have to read, i need to study”“Oh i have an exam coming up and it’s so close, i am just thinking of how i will combine the reading and working” and I would go on and on without actually setting down to DO that thing. And that was the message in the dream. The exam was life. You often, do not know what aspect (course) of your life the change or challenge will come from or what the coming year will hold but what you can do is equip yourself for it through the Word and the Spirit. So it also meant a season of preparation. I have had several other dreams carrying information about a current situation or insight about a past event and such and such, sometimes using totally unrelated stuff… Joseph dreamt and interpreted dreams. Daniel excelled as a political leader from the ability to interpret dreams. And Apostle Peter, received instructions in a dream. There are a few other stories of people in the Bible who got messages and informations through dreams. Turns out it is not a bad thing. It’s like a sword that we have to learn how to wield. And we learn it through the word and the Spirit. (P.S – there’s immense benefit in writing down your dreams.)

2. God rubbished one of my five-year plans by fulfilling it in one year. He must have been like “girl, forget those plans of yours,I can get you there with a flick of my finger”. So I feel like He did that to show me and remind me that my plans alone won’t get me there. It is God who moves people. This experience is teaching me to deaden the pressure in me to attain. It’s no longer an ‘if’ or ‘whether’ situation. God is in me, I have attained and because of that, this dream of mine(his) is possible even right now but still, in its own time. What will matter here now will be preparation. That big break you have been desiring, how ready are you for it? I am still learning or realizing that He really does make everything beautiful IN ITS OWN TIME. So therefore, alongside planning and ‘waiting’, I am also learning to live prepared, flexible enough to step back and wait, ready enough to move when He says action. This is still a very strong learning point for me.

More so, regarding this, I’d say it is phenomenal. Phenomenal because – I mean – why this year of all years? Well then again, why not? Didn’t He already say that when men say there’s a casting down, those in Zion say there’s a lifting up? So regardless, even when it’s bad and things are going horribly, we should say “oh forget that, my story ends well.” “It may not have started great but it ends well” And that is my testimony for 2020. The year didn’t start on a high note, we all saw the horrors that played out and we all witnessed it on a personal level to varying degrees. I lost my job too and a host of other people I know. People lost loved ones, we fought and stood up against injustice and some of us were killed for it. I fought battles in my mind, people dealt with depression, physical illnesses… but…. Here we are, we are still standing. Our story ends well. It’s ending well not only because of the things I/we have seen God do, but because of the simple fact that He assured us of an end where our expectations are met. And somehow somehow I just feel I should say this – that the end of 2020 is not the end of anybody’s life. 2021 will ‘begin’ soon but we are the only ones counting time.

3. I mentioned that I lost my job …again…even though I was trying so hard to hold on to it. I learned bitterly never to do that again. This year I discovered how interesting it is that once I want something so badly and begin to do all I can to get there, it pans out the exact opposite. But the moment I stop wanting it so badly, voila! There it is, right in my hands. So I learned about the importance of positioning myself for and I am actively learning it by experience. Sometimes it’s not in all the efforts you are making but in the place you are standing and the perspective you are looking at it from. I’ll expatiate if Pero allows me next year by God’s grace.
4. Aha… remember that boy I told you about last year, we’re a thing now o…lol.

I think this coming year will stretch our faith and question our convictions but I am resolute that if we hold fast to the Truth, we will see it come alive in real time.

Thank you for reading this lengthy piece, you deserve some accolades… lol


Merry Christmas from Perry’s Tots!🎄

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