Day 31: Adepero Ajayi

2020: Of Lockdown, Responsibilities & Growth.

I’m so excited to share my 2020 story with everyone, I’m super pumped to bring you my adventurous and God-directed experience. For you to understand my 2020 story, you should read the beginning of my journey that happened in 2018 & 2019. I use my entry as a form of journal, enjoy the gist.😁

Just one encounter and it has become a reference point for my existence.


I was very solemn, paying rapt attention to the Holyspirit to hear His heart for me in 2020. I had seen, heard, and encountered somethings, however, that’s usually my heart posture as I prepare to step into a new year. Waiting to listen. But it was extremely solemn. Extremely calm. I was wondering what was going on. I knew I shouldn’t run but wait cos the Spirit was just hovering. At some point, I got perplexed, why the prolonged calmness? Anyways, I can’t hurry the Holyspirit so I stayed there, just following His lead. However, within me, I knew immeasurable things were been accomplished in the Spirit, I had told my friend Sandra this one evening while at Abeokuta. It was weird at some point. Then I spoke to a patient openly about God at work for the first time while working in the emergency. I had always tried to maintain balance but that day was different. I knew something great was happening although I couldn’t place my hands on everything. For the first time, I accepted to hang out with a friend, Tomi Afolayan on the first day of the year. The conversation summarized a lot of what later happened in 2020, we ended up praying on the Alausa road along Ikeja City Mall, we didn’t even care that people were looking at us. From all indications, 2020 was very different. He would later tell me on the 8th of January, the shaking He had been telling me about was now here!


I was passing out of NYSC. I had had an amazing service year and I really wanted to continue living in Abeokuta and start a life there while working on my mid-term goals. I fell in love with the city. But the Holyspirit asked me not to apply to any hospitals except one. It would not make sense but if you’ve ever had an encounter with God, you don’t need to be reminded twice before you align. Although my friends were all busy getting new jobs, I just had to wait and pray and pray while working on other goals. On Valentine’s Day, I was in Lagos at a program organized by Tomi Arayomi because the Lord had highlighted him to me at the end of December 2019 via YouTube one Sunday morning when he was nudging me to nurture my prophetic giftings. Guess whose hands were on my head praying for me in February 2020.😂 Abeokuta Convention happened with Apostle Joshua Selman, Dunsin Oyekan, Seyi Osumakinde, Victoria Orenze & Apostle Arome Osayi. Chai! No words! It was at this event that it was announced that the convention wouldn’t hold for the next three years.  We didn’t know Covid was lurking.


I decided to visit my family since I hadn’t seen them in a long time especially post NYSC. So I packed my bag for a two-week visit. The only place the Holyspirit had permitted me to apply to was looking bright in Abeokuta.

I visited my Apostolic Training School teacher who had become more than a tutor to me, on my way, I boarded a one-chance cab for the first time in my life but miraculously, the driver begged me to alight! The transference from her that day was intense. She released so much into my life. Every teacher needs discernment!

Things were falling in place.

Lockdown. Lockdown. Lockdown. This was how I was held down for months in Lagos.

At just that very moment, I sensed the Spirit of fear so strong in the atmosphere, and I felt led to create a prayer group. In August of 2019, the Lord had asked me to raise Him a people of prayer just after I published The Purple Book, but I wanted to be sure about when and other strategic parts of the assignment.

More work is a reward for a job well done!

Just in that season, I knew this was what the Lord had prepared me for. To confirm it, someone unexpectedly reached out to me about starting a prayer group. So I started this group at the end of March and we didn’t know we were in for the long haul. We prayed every day for six months! Not just that, we had bible study sessions & book reviews as well. In a time where the world was in disarray, we were held firm and immovable, we became a family. We were not just secure in our Father’s love, we were interceding for others. There was no fear, we had each other’s backs. God planned a family for us before we even knew we needed it. The testimonies sometimes move me to tears but most significant is a reminder to always obey God’s instructions.

My obedience is tied to hundreds, thousands, millions, and immeasurable lives.

Through this process, I learned lessons on spiritual maturity that can not be taught but caught. I’ve enjoyed knowing the Holyspirit as my teacher. There are things the pastor doesn’t preach or teach on the pulpit that they know. Those things can only be caught! A Christian who is a discipler is different from a churchgoer. The spiritual architecture and machinery are different. The demands of consecration are unique.

I wanted to volunteer at the isolation center but it just didn’t work out. Lol. I guess God just wanted me in the zone He had placed me.


I enrolled in Firebrand Bible school but this time as a group lead assistant. Joined unbundling 2020 mini-course. Attended Secret Garden with Olori Boye-Ajayi(there are meetings I can never forget I attended in 2020 because I know that things shifted!) Joined the School of Intercession by Imisioluwa Owolabi. Joined Seer-prophet course, I had always wanted to learn more about the prophetic because God had called my attention to it but I couldn’t afford the School of Apostles & Prophets, SOAP (I still desire to enroll). However, God gave me the scholarship to attend the Seer-Prophet course by Coach B. I just found myself in these things. This was when I made peace with the part of me that is called to the mountain of religion. I just want to be a doctor and any other thing but this part of me keeps screaming. I can’t even hide it.🙈

My YouTube channel flourished as well. I had the Holyspirit Encounter series and other vlogs.


I joined the Doer course because I knew I needed to activate a part of me. I am the queen of execution but I knew something had to be activated on my inside. It was while on this course that I was able to successfully conceive The Purple Course. At this point, let me say, Buy Wisdom.

Buy the truth and do not sell it— wisdom, instruction, and insight as well.” Proverbs‬ ‭23:23‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Don’t be cynical, in this decade we all need to level up!

I completed an online course by the World Health Organization on Health Financing for Universal Health Coverage.


Lockdown eased and I’m getting a little impatient about getting a job, although I knew I needed a very flexible job where I would not lose myself. I knew I had things to deliver for the kingdom.  Different dramas also started in my family. Lol, My rent was running and there was still an interstate travel ban. But still, we keep trusting. I think one of the best skills/gifts I’ve learned from the Holyspirit is seeing things from God’s perspective. It’s always the brighter side. Even terrible situations will look hopeful again. That outward calm just remains unperturbed through the storms. It’s a skill the Spirit gives.

My birthday this year is one of my most memorable because of the gifts I received from The People of Prayer. I didn’t even know the impact the group was having but the gift spoke volumes. I was wowed. My smartwatch is such a treasure to me cos it reminds me of this family!


I got into Citadel Finishing School. I began intense work on creating The Purple Course. I was on a different kind of high and joy throughout creating and researching on this course. It was very intense for me but I am proud of the end product and the testimonies from this course.

I was actively searching for a job and there was a particular day I didn’t know what to do cos I didn’t want to choose for myself but I wanted what God had prepared for me.

To my surprise, the very day I finished creating The Purple Course, a friend of mine called me and took my matter on her head more than me, the burden was enormous. Let’s just say I got a job even without an interview. I wondered why I was stressing myself in the first place, I only needed to align in my partnership with Yahweh. I do His and He sorts mine. It’s a deal! He needed me to be quiet to create the course.

There’s a need to be able to discern your seasons accurately. Understanding when one chapter has ended and a new phase has begun.

It was time to finally move back home. To Lagos.


This is Perry the IT guru setting up the course platform on Thinkific and recording The Purple Course against every challenge that came my way! I also resumed work and was settling into my new normal. Publicity for the course as well. Publicity can be tiring though. Oops. 🤭

I enjoy my job and the impact is so obvious, it inspires me. I should share more about my medical career journey in 2021. This was the month I decided to eliminate sugar from my diet, in addition to no soda that’s been on for over two years.


I moved to the island and started The Purple course with students from different parts of Nigeria. I enjoyed coaching and I’m starting to consider planning a part of my medical career around it as well.

I also became the team lead for the Spiritual Development team of my Age band in my youth fellowship. My Father was stretching me. We finally locked down our activities on The People of Prayer group with a vigil. No words to describe! Fire encounters! The friend I stay with attends The Oasis, pastored by Nathaniel Bassey. The first day I stepped into that youth church was so powerful. I knew I had to make contact with Pastor Nath, the Holyspirit had been telling me about the Davidic anointing and I knew there was something on him for me, I just didn’t know how it would be. That church is strategically organized as a discipleship center. Every activity is drenched with the power of the Holyspirit. Bible study is indeed a study. Gosh!


In June 2020, the Holyspirit had laid on my heart to organize a spontaneous Holyspirit worship session with a few of my friends. This thought wouldn’t leave me and consumed me in September, I knew it had to occur. I sort God to know when exactly and October 3rd it was! They had said for us to release the sound of heaven on earth. It was in retrospect I understood the gravity of this assignment as things began to unfold in Nigeria. Early in October, I had sense so strongly revival was breaking out and led my church youth group into conversations about revival. The Lord had also laid it on my heart to start a daily prayer schedule there as well but I thought we would start in November. However, as the #EndSars movement started I knew it was to be commenced. We started a 5hr prayer watch and later piped it to a 9 pm daily prayer watch, we would come to end it in December, after 11weeks. This prayer watch birth a family and revival in my youth fellowship. It was also this month I joined Kingdom Global Alliance.


While leading The People of Prayer group, I had to bring the word, scriptures, and direction for the month from the Lord to the members. After the group, I continued to use this personally, searching out God’s plans and desires for each season. For November I got gratitude month, I would later get a confirmation while on an IG live session with Pastor Shola Okodugha and Rev Kay Ijisesan. I set my heart posture in that form and even intentionally did a #gratitudenovemberchallenge on my Instagram page. I got a sponsor for one of my exams on the first day of November without asking. The contact with Pastor Nath happened. I partnered with God to organize Spontaneous Worship & Worship Session in my youth church! An event that I had thought would only be for my age band skyrocketed to have about 300 people in attendance both online and offline. This birth a move of God in my church youth fellowship. I was blessed with partners who were stewards of this assignment in intense intercession, consecration, financial investment, and passionate submission and service. What God cannot do does not exist. We had never had this form of result in any of our previous youth programs before and I was glad to know I heard God right! The confirmations were astounding! I have learned so much this year especially in my walk with God but also I experienced the most attacks this year because the devil will only try to stop God’s move but victory is already guaranteed.


I had been working for a few months by now but my salary was in limbo, however, I kept trusting God. He made a way every time. If you’re where God directs you to and you’re sold out to Him in surrender, there’s a caliber of protection, provision, sustenance, joy, hope that you enjoy. The salary issue of almost four months got sorted just like that on a day I had said to myself, till January then. God healed me of illnesses this year. There was a day I was making pounded yam using the pounder and the wire removed from the socket hitting my eyes, I would have lost my eyes but I thank God. The devil tried his best, he just doesn’t know when to stop!😂😂 Defeated man that he is. 🤣🤣

For the past few years since I was a teenager, towards the end of the year, I start to posture my heart to receive from God specifics concerning me about the new year, what the pastors says is just usually a confirmation or addition. There’s nothing like distilling God’s specifics to you as you enter into a new season. The Lord began to nudge my heart to share this skill to His children so they can walk with Him into this new decade, knowing His heart for them through every season in an atmosphere of love, joy, and fun. That was what birth The Purple Room.

I’ll like to specially celebrate my friends because I mean it when I say I’m blessed with the best! Thank you Mayowa Agbelese, Ope Alabi, David Nathan-Ile, Bimbo, Gbemiga Ogundeko, Tolulope Ariyo, Tokunbo Nuga-Alowonle, Bode Brown, Ibukun Awodehinde, Dapo Adeleye, Tomiwa Babajide, Ortega, Temitope Fowowe, Kuku Adenike, Tolulope Ajaka, Sandra Chimeh, Mrs. Temitope Omo 😉, Osetemega Iribiri, Oluchi, Opeyemi Awosanya, Adepoju Oluwatosin, Omoyeni, Oluwatoyin Ijale, Sophia, Praise Otobo, Gideon Okoye, Jacob George. You all made up a significant part of my 2020 and words cannot explain it. So thank you. I pray God’s goodness, mercy, and provision never depart from your lives.

I am grateful for my biological family, the lockdown birth a revival in my family. My siblings are on fire for God. Fayayaya 😂 I really enjoy partnering with God to birth revival! The turnaround in the lives of people is usually epic and I love to see it! We would be many! I love you fam, Moyo, Fiyin & Teyinse.💕 Thank you to my super amazing godmother. I love you mama.💕

This year, I realized the kind of man I want to be with, the non-negotiable qualities, and those that are flexible. Like Pastor Adeboye has prophesied, so shall it be. Somebody say amen in the comment section if you believe with me.🤣🤣

This year I came to terms with some effect of the lose of my mum that I never knew existed and had huge impact on my life. This healing process looks like a long journey but I thank God for opening it up to me. I’m not where I used to be.😁

The lessons I’ve learned this year are beyond what I can share here but without a doubt, I’m amazed at what God can do to a yielded vessel. Walking with God with intentionality is very interesting and makes living worth it and adventurous. May I never lose my wonder. Amen

Every word God gave me for 2020 occurred and I’m excited about walking with him in 2021.😍💃🏽

A very big thank you to our guest writers on this year’s edition of 31Days 31Voices, thank you so much for sharing your 2020 story. Cheers to a better 2021. 🥂

Happy New Year in advance Perry’s Tots Nation!✊🏽

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