Ready or Not!

Hello, Perry’s Tots Nation!!! It’s been forever, I know I know. Clears cobwebs How have you been? If you’re reading this, you must really love me cos I know I have been unfaithful for too long. I’m not going to give excuses or make promises but the truth is life happened and before I knew it, it’s several months of very little social media posting or writing. Also, I think I lost the flow having to focus on other pertinent issues amidst other issues. Lol, Plenty of issues… I know.

I’m genuinely sorry. I believe every experience I’ve had to go through in the past year will help me serve you better, that’s a bright side to all these, right? I have developed so much in different aspects of my life and I owe to the sweet Holyspirit for guiding me and always being with me. I guess this life thing is an ever-growing learning curve because the more we progress, the more we realize we need to learn more, excavate our inner-man some more, refine our identity, and push out of successes that have become comfort zones after a while.

In the past year, I have had to deal with following instructions from God that didn’t end how I had expected but I’ve also grown to embrace the results of following God’s instructions no matter what people say or the unpleasant outcome that may result because, at the end of it all, God can be trusted.

Sincerely, I have wanted to write here but I felt I had lost my vibe, just like I believed I had lost this gift or skill after I graduated high school but look who went ahead to start an inspiring blog. I’m currently in the middle of work and decided to just do this! Perhaps, this is another morphing season into something mind-blowing in my creative ambition.

One of the amazing things that have happened to me is having a human bestfriend and he asked me an interesting question about four months ago, I thought to share it with you first before they see it on Instagram, Twitter, etc. Lol Perks of subscribing to the blog.

I’m grateful to God for this amazing gift of a human being and for enjoying a beautiful friendship. What joy to have a person I can pray with without feeling like I’m doing too much or be carefree in my worship to God. God indeed makes all things beautiful in its time.

What has been happening with you? How is life treating you?

I will show up here more often God helping me. I hope you continue to read from me even as attention span of majority of people seems to have taken a downward trend.

I look forward to reading from you as well. Encourage me to write too. T for Thanks.

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Until next time…

Love & Light,


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  1. Good to have you write again after a long time away…

    I will continue to read and push you to write more as your ardent reader concern… Lol

    Congratulations Sis, all you prayed for God gave in one package… DHL of Heaven. Me sef go receive my own, E don dey come.

    Rise and rise till Gentiles come to your light.


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