New Beginnings

Hello everyone and happy new year 2023. I know it has been a year since I made my last post. While writing that post, it was less than 24 hours to my traditional wedding but I knew I had to share the news with you because you have been a part of my journey.

The past one year of my life has been beautiful, productive, progressive, and very busy. I thank God for where I am and I’m grateful to you reading this because you’re still here. Although I had not posted here often, I have spent the last three years pouring and investing into the lives of this group God assigned to me @peopleofprayerandpower, and have shown up more often on the last one and half year working and fulfilling prophecies in the health sector of my country, I have been more active on @perrystots though and I’m living a kingdom life with my husband. I’ve also being posting on Youtube, you get to watch my love story here on Friday, I hope it makes you smile.

As I started to plan my return here, I began to contemplate whether to shut down this blog and start a newsletter but as you may know now, I decided to stick with the blog.

Today, is just me coming to say hello and letting go of the feeling of having to say new beginnings again as I begin to write here after a long time and also to seek to build a community indeed on my social media platforms.

Something I’m learning lately is that every good thing will come. Every dream God has given us will be fulfilled, our prayers will be answered and we will look back and be grateful to God for our journey. No matter the challenges you are facing right now, I want you to know that it gets better. I have also realized that living purposefully makes the demands and pain bearable.

If you have questions about purpose discovery, I am currently offering The Purple Course for free. We go live on Monday and you can register here.

Please feel free to say hello to me in the comment section or send me a DM here. Show your girl some love.

Thank you.

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