How God Is Leading Me To Wholeness.

how God is leading me to wholeness

  Hello Perry’s Tots fam!!! Happy new month, I am so excited because the remaining days of this year are loaded. I trust God to do something remarkable in the lives of you my readers. I want God to give you testimonies that would make the ears of everyone who hear it to tingle and […]

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Day 8: Queenola Kalu

1st January 2016 (Friday- 22:43) “ A new year. YES! Self, be unperturbed. You made it. Be thankful ,self. The Maker has spared you once again……..” Spending new year’s cold evening with a little chat with Journo, my Mr. Macho before finally crashing for the night. He was one person that always listened to me […]

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Day 21: Queen Jesufemi #MyMBBSJourney

Thank You Queen Pero for this opportunity given me. My MBBS journey has been a very interesting one. I’d try to touch it all.. in summary It’s been my place of growth.Each year, each class ,each person I  have met has not left me the same way. My journey through the medical school started with […]

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